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Think 66 began with the idea to help global companies find an easy transition into the American market, specifically with the emerging strength of Chinese manufacturing companies. Due to rising wages, many Chinese manufacturers are seeing that their profit margins are slowly dwindling. They are finding it to be more profitable to brand their own products and sell them directly to the United States market. With this recent trend, the government is encouraging manufacturing companies to go directly to the consumer. But appealing to the complex, American tastes and expectations can be challenging. Think 66 helps make this transition seamless, by providing full service marketing, consulting, and logistic management. Our specialized team has knowledge of both American and Chinese culture to bridge the gap and help companies thrive in the U.S.

Our Company Values

1. Relentlessness
2. Excellence
3. Kaizen
4. Humility
5. Trust
6. Personal Health

Our Mission

We believe that people don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it. Every company has a story, a purpose, and a mission, but sometimes it can get lost in translation. Our mission is to clearly define why you do what you do with the United States market in order to build your brand and drive sales.

media team

Think Modern. Think Professional.

We put our heart in the center of it all. The best ideas come from the most diverse people from different backgrounds. Within our space, you’ll find everything from former finance executives to jazz musicians and wine connoisseurs. All of us are brought together for one goal, to make sure our clients build better brands, connect with your audience, and sell more!

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