Let Us Handle Your Transition
To An American Brand.

Everything From Helping You Develop Your Idea All The Way To Your Commercial, We Are Your “One-Stop Shop” In Establishing Your Company In The United States Market. All You Have To Do Is Focus On What You Do Best: Manufacturing.


Build an amazing brand that matches your awesome products. We help you with everything from creating your brand from scratch to boosting sales with campaigns. Our team uses the cross-intersection between creative intuition and scientific market data in order to formulate the right brand that sells to the right audience. The difference between the OEM and the OBM is a brand that consumers trust to buy from, let us handle that for you. Consider the price war won.

Corporate Identity

Logo Design

Website Development

Package Design

General Graphic Design

Campaign Creation

Plus much more

product developement

Develop the right product for the right audience, the right way. Think 66 will be able to handle the design, prototyping, engineering, and everything in the way to create the finished product for you to mass produce. Our team wants to create products that was made for the American product for you. Take the burden off your shoulders, let our product creation machine take it from here.

Idea Validation

Concept Design

Patent Protection

3D Modeling

Product Engineering


Plus much more


Online media no longer has any boundaries, just the connection between the person and the company. When it comes to online, our skilled team will help you navigate through all the irrelevant tactics and marketing strategies that most Chinese Marketing agencies will, while understanding the pains and needs of Chinese Manufacturers that normal American Marketing Agencies don’t. Whether it be through social media, paid advertising, SEO, or any other marketing channels, we will get your brand in front of the right audience, so you can establish your brand in America. Don’t get lost in translation, let us be your continental bridge in the online world.

Paid Media

Conversion Rate Optimization (CR0)

User Experience Design (UX)

Search Engine Optimization

Influencer Marketing

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Online Shop Optimization

Full Service Email Marketing

Animated Video Production

Plus much more


It’s one thing to have an American presence online, but what happens when you need a real face to the brand? Think 66 offers a variety of services that will help you transition from getting customers digitally, all the way to in person, real life. Whether it be taking your products and creating live photography and video with real users in the United States or even having a representative for you to represent your brand at trade shows, we have your back when you can’t be here. Don’t just stay online, choose us to be there face-to-face for your audience.

Product Photography

In-Person Representative

Distribution Connection

Trade Show Representative

Live Action Video Production


So you’ve made the product, but just found out that nobody wanted it in the first place. Has that ever happened to you as a manufacturer? This is one of the main reasons why 90% of businesses fail. We want to help you avoid this dilemma, by using data. Think 66 is able to provide you with data services ranging anywhere from market research reports that help you figure out who you’re already selling to and how to create a customer avatar out of that all the way to helping you develop and send out surveys to help you make better decisions with future projects. Save hundreds and thousands of hours that were wasted on creating products don’t sell, let us help create the success formula custom tailored to your business and your products. We will do our best to make sure your products are a success.

Market Research Report

Survey Design

Core Story Development

Custom Avatar Design

Market Strategy Plan